Catlateral Damage


You're a cat, so act like one


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Catlateral Damage is a first person shooter in which players assume the role of a domestic cat, and like any domestic cat, you must do your best to knock over everything in your path and make it fall to the floor.

The goal of the game is very simple: you have two minutes to cause as much havoc as possible in a room full of objects. Each object you knock down will give you a certain amount of points, and your mission is to reach 100,000, which means throwing many, many things to the floor.

The game's controls are also very simple: control the cat’s right leg with the right-click button, and the left one with the left-click button. This way, you can go around knocking down all the objects in the room, such as books, toys, DVDs, consoles, and plants, etc.

Catlateral Damage is a pretty funny cat simulation that, at times, brings the genius of Katamari Damacy to mind. An unpretentious and fun game that aims to get into the skin of the least pretentious animal of all: the cat.
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